Liectroux i7 Pro Cordless


  • 600ML super large clean water tank covers the whole house,800ML super-large sewage tankfor 2 cleanings
  • The graphene charging station will automatically heat and dry the rolling brush after cleaning to eliminate bacteria and odor
  • The 21700,4000mAh super capacity battery guarantees long run time(Max.40mins) and battery life
  • Sweeping,dry+wet mopping,vacuumingcombo
  • 150W brushless fan,14Kpa super strong suction
  • The dual-tank system keeps clean and dirty water separate, so you’re always cleaning with fresh water and solution.
  • Water shortage, full water automatic alarm
  • Automatic control of water tank spraying more evenly
  • Super quiet voise level
  • Dry moisture absorption and wet drag can be freely switched at any time
  • The use of automatic power assist system is more labor-saving and comfortable
  • Charging and one-button self-cleaning are convenient to use and more clean and hygienic
  • Normaland power modes can be switched freely, low power automatically alarm
  • High speed roller brush clean the ground cleaner

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