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Keeping your room cool is easy with these high-quality, durable coolers. The Geepas air cooler ensures maximum cooling with minimum power and water consumption. The most efficient cooler for your home is this efficient one. The cooler has a water tank capacity of 9 liters, which keeps you cool during summer. The 3-speed cooler helps you adjust the speed between LOW, MED, and HIGH, thereby controlling the temperature in the room according to your preference. The air cooler has horizontal and vertical louvres that can move in all directions, ensuring the flow of cool air in all directions. Easy-to-use knobs let you easily adjust the temperature, cooling, timer, and swing mode of the cooler while adding to its appearance and style. The air cooler also has a timer function. The air cooler is suitable for homes, offices, restaurants, clinics, etc. During the summer, modern technology instantly cools your room so that you can enjoy it. The white and grey air cooler is 37.3X35X75cm in size, which fits perfectly in small spaces and weighs 5.55kg. The Geepas air cooler comes with a 2-year warranty.

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